Trustlines Protocol

An open-source technology stack to encourage open collaboration, innovation, and transparency.

protocol elements


Open-source set of rules, processes, and definitions forged into deployable code mapping trust-based relationships onto trustless infrastructure.

Smart Contract System

The smart contract system is a collection of smart contracts deployed on the Trustlines Blockchain. The contracts execute transfers within the Trustlines Protocol.

Relay Servers

The relay servers act as a bridge between applications and the Trustlines Blockchain. They offer services that aren't feasible to implement on-chain or within the applications or the devices they run on.

Client Library

The client library is a Javascript library that makes it easy to build applications on top of the Trustlines Protocol. It provides a high-level API enabling applications to interact with the smart contract system on the blockchain via the relay servers.


The Trustlines Blockchain is a Proof-of-Stake sidechain to Ethereum.

It enables us to work with the latest technology in privacy and other things.

Based on the OpenEthereum Aura consensus algorithm
All staked
validators are
Staking & slashing to combat equivocation
Hard-forking as an additional defense mechanism


The validators ensure the security of the Trustlines Blockchain by validating transactions and adding blocks to the blockchain.