Leveraging trust to achieve financial
& economic inclusion of all people.

The Trustlines Foundation was established as a charitable organisation in 2018 in Liechtenstein. It pursues the charitable goal of promoting financial and economic inclusion of all people through decentralized peer-to-peer network protocols that serve common accounting.

The Trustline Foundation:

  • Supports (financially and in kind) research, development, and governance of the Trustlines Protocol while being unbiased with regard to specific use cases.
  • Organises and promotes open source development around the Trustlines Protocol and maintains the respective Github repositories.
  • Deploys the required core components (e.g. smart contracts) which support the Trustlines Protocol.
  • Has ownership over the Trustlines brand and trademark, and maintains the relevant domains.

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The Foundation is part of the Trustlines Network Ecosystem. Find out more by visiting the Trustlines Network website.

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