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Trustlines Foundation

The Trustlines Foundation is promoting financial inclusion for all. The mission is to pursue this goal through decentralized peer-to-peer network protocols. More specifically, protocols that serve common accounting.

The Foundation supports the research, development, and adoption of the Trustlines Protocol. It is acting in a supporting role in the Trustlines Network, enabling a multitude of use cases.

Our Role

Supporting research and development of the Trustlines Protocol

Organizing and advancing open-source development within the ecosystem

Promoting the building of diverse use cases in the Trustlines Network

Deployment of the core components that allow others to build on top of the Protocol

The Trustlines Network

The original idea behind the Trustlines Network came up as the current financial system is unable or unwilling to serve about 1.7 billion unbanked and underbanked people.

The Trustlines Network is a community-driven project that empowers people to create their own money and access digital payments. We call it People Powered Money.

To enable People Powered Money, we are building a universally accessible payment system. It allows people to make and receive payments without any intermediaries, lessening the burden of linking a bank account or depositing any money upfront.

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Trustlines Foundation is part of the Trustlines Network ecosystem.

Find out more by visiting the Trustlines Network website.

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